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Water is Life

Relaxing in a wellness bath is like a short trip to happiness and a gift for your health. Water work wonders, especially when it is enriched with high quality oils, selected minerals and gemstones or detoxifying additives. Our wellness baths will stimulate, rejuvenate and refresh or boost your energy levels by allowing your body to fully calm down.

Sea Salt Algae Bath

Relaxing and regenerating

The active substances of algae and sea salt are absorbed through the skin and stimulate the metabolism.This mineral rich wellness bath detoxifies, purifies and recharges your power and energy reserves. Afterwards you will feel refreshed, vibrant and pleasantly relaxed.

25 min | 35 €

Alkaline Gemstone Bath

Body care and wellness combined

Pamper yourself with a gemstone relaxation bath.The pH level ranges between 8.5 and 9.5 and regulates the alkaline balance of your skin.The mixture of precious natural minerals and fine gemstone powder soothes, cleanses and refines the complexion of the skin.

30 min | 35 €

Chocolate Beauty Bath

Pure calorie-free enjoyment

The fragrant, nourishing cream bath, with precious oils of the bathing chocolate, relaxes body and mind and makes your skin silky smooth, supple and soft to touch.

30 min | 35 €