Marina Bernried GmbH
Am Yachthafen 1-15
82347 Bernried

Telefon +49 (0)8158 932-0
Telefax +49 (0)8158 711-7

Boat building in the Marina Bernried

Boat building is one of the oldest crafting professions. The traditional techniques in using the various materials are just as important nowadays as know-how in the field of high-tech.

In the boatyard located in the Marina yacht harbour this century old craft is upheld. The master's workshop of harbour and boat building master Stephan Fischer can draw on 20 years of experience. Together with his young, competent team Stephan works for those moored in Bernried and for external customers.

The boatyard deals with all tasks concerning boats. This includes repair, maintenance, adjustements, oldtimer-refurbishment, care and overseeing of the ships, as well as services such as rigging, sail-making and boat-washing with waste water removal.

In the shop of the boatyard a selection of accessories and equipment is on offer. In addition there is a small subject-specific library.

More information is available under: Bootswerft Fischer